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“Plan Your Next is an immediate open when it lands in my inbox. It’s the only newsletter I’ve ever bookmarked and saved because it’s so chock-full of value. It’s also funny, personal, and relatable, which is pretty much my love language.”
Charlie Bleecker, Transparent Tuesdays

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“You know how some people live in the future? They just seem to know about the software, tool, or topic six months before everyone else? That's Nate. His aptly named Plan Your Next newsletter gives you that window into the future, delivered in a warm, approachable, and affable way.”
Cam Houser, CEO Actionworks

“As a writer, I've always suffered from Designer Envy. Each week, Nate not only exacerbates my feelings of inadequacy as a designer, he also crowds my literary space with his engaging, insightful, and charming newsletters. A handsome lad, kind to the core, he also has a beautiful wife and child, and I'm not jealous, you're jealous.”
Teke O'Reilly, @icecreamingmeme

“Plan Your Next is on my shortlist of weekly must-reads. Nate always surprises with a mix of topics ranging from design to personal stories. I not only learn something, but I get to know Nate along the way through his sharp and often funny storytelling.
Lyle McKeany, Just Enough to Get Me in Trouble

"Plan Your Next is devoted to inspiring you with stories about design, creativity, and pursuing your next thing. Beautifully written, beautifully designed, it will improve your Sunday and inspire your next creative endeavour."
Jill Metcalfe, Notion Coach

“Nate embodies digital artisanship. His newsletter feels like stepping into a boutique full of beautifully crafted metaphorical and literal artifacts.”
Florian Maganza, Stripe

“I read every week because I never know what Nate has planned next. Ostensibly about design, PYN challenges me to extend design principles to shape a purposeful career and life.”
Matt Tillotson, The Mix Tape

“I read Plan Your Next each week for Nate's relatable experiences and thoughtful introspection. This newsletter is really about designing, planning, and living your best life...with some bonus styling tips that even a newbie like myself can apply.”
Scott Krouse, Tuesday Thoughts

“Happy to see you in my inbox again! I always appreciate reading what you’re thinking about.”
Mike M.

“This newsletter is so darn good and love to listen to it!”
Jonah Perlin