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I'm Nate Kadlac. I'm an online writer, visual designer, and instructor, based in Los Angeles, California. You might also find me hunched over my iPad.

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Nate Kadlac


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After spending seven years focused on building a real estate tech startup into an eight figure acquisition, I left my full-time role as Creative Director.

Now, I focus on writing and teaching design to the creatively curious. I have a mission to help thousands of non-designers make better design decisions, online and offline.

If you want a list of all my articles, you can find them here.

My most popular articles include Minimalism is Boring, Unlock Your Creative Taste From the Inside-Out, and Learn How To Draw so You Can Stop Using Unsplash.

You can view some of my design work here, or on Dribbble.

Between 2008-2014, I co-founded the first mobile public transit app for Metro Transit (without permission), designed the first news app for Minnesota Public Radio, as well as the first mobile checkout experience for Best Buy.

I've also been a part of a number of failed startup ideas like Keep or Burn, Rifr, and But, I love to build. Can't stop; won't stop.