What I'm doing right now

Here's a quick hit list of where my attention is being spent.

Last updated April 17th, 2023

  • Building our a self-paced version of Figma Thinkers with Tom Critchlow.
  • Building out a small gaming empire called Hey, Good Game.
  • Currently building out Fresh Prompts, a daily drawing prompt generator for beginning and intermediate artists using ChatGPT and Dall·E.
  • Launched a Procreate drawing course with Salman.
  • Preparing to launch the 8th cohort of Approachable Design in the spring.
  • Writing a weekly newsletter called Plan Your Next. It's growing nicely, and I'm enjoying the conversations and cadence.
  • Planned upcoming trips to Minneapolis and Idaho later in the year. Wow, right?
  • This year will mark our fifth year in Los Angeles, CA, and our sixth wedding anniversary since being married at Stern Grove Park in San Francisco.