Learn to love water

We live in a world that is 80% water, and yet the majority of Americans don't have adequate swimming ability.

UI Design • UX Design • Brand identity • Illustration
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The approach

FOSS Swim School is a family owned business, with a 25+ year history of teaching people how to swim. As they looked to expand into new areas, a realignment in how they position their brand was needed to convey how learning to swim can enable us to live a more complete life.

The opportunity to establish FOSS as a leader in swim education included refreshing the logo and brand with new positioning, redesign the website, build out new educational marketing materials, to tell the story of The Swim Path.

The challenge

It started with designing children's t-shirts based off the FOSS swim techniques. It quickly expanded into a redesign of the site and building a new and improved system for showing what stage a swimmer is at in their journey.

Wireframes for the new site

Site designs
The Swim Path

Swim Path designs
Swim Path installations for all schools

T-shirt illustrations

Accomplishment stickers for swimmers


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